Question: Why am I not receiving SMS score updates after completing my profile at or subscribing by SMS code?

Answer: There are several possibilities:

1. Ensure that you have sent the right code to (866) 575-0332

2. Create your online account and/or login at to review your subscription profile.

3. Not all cell phone carriers and plans allow group messaging services. Consult your service provider to find out what your plan will allow.

4. Your team of interest may not be submitting the score updates.

5. Some cell carriers may not deliver text messages if the subscriber account is not current. 

Question: How do I unsubscribe to the SMS score update service?

Answer:  To delete your subscriptions send NOSKOOLKAST to (866) 575-0332.   To end all messaging from Twilio services send STOP to (866) 575-0332. Message and data rates may apply. Go to, create your account and/or login to manage your individual team and school subscriptions.

Question: Why are my SMS score updates missing, delayed, or out of sequence?

Answer: SkoolKast submits the score updates for distribution immediately upon their entry. However, timely distribution relies on the cell carrier networks. The cell user must have a signal for the message to be received, and the cell carrier network must attempt delivery as the score updates are submitted. Some carriers may also block two-part SMS messages or those with hyperlinks beyond a certain length. Additionally, if a message cannot be delivered for any reason, the cell carriers each use different protocols and intervals to try to redeliver those messages. Depending upon the quality of coverage in your area, a delayed or missed message may occasionally be experienced. If you experience this as a consistent problem, please contact or your cell carrier.